Value your work.

Because if you don’t, why should anybody else?

Recently it looks like every now and then people ask: “How can I get started as freelancer and get clients?”, “How can I get better at x?” “How can …” — you name it.

There is a simple answer: just value the work you do. Avoid to just execute for the sake of executing, do work that matters to you and add some value. It’s not about just throwing out stuff that looks or works the same as everything else.

It’s not about marketplaces that offer a certain amount of money just to execute. You are not just removing value for some kind of creation, you also don’t value your own work. So why should anybody else do?

Value yourself, value the outcome and value the positivity that will be added to your life because of it. There is a reason for the proverb “What goes around, comes around”.

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