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How I keep a good work-life balance

Some things I do since a few years already: Get up before 7am. Don’t try to fall asleep again if it doesn’t work immediately. Get out of your bed and start your day with whatever makes you happy. Head to work and get home early. Fixed working-hours. If you have the luxury of flextime it […]

Value your work.

Because if you don’t, why should anybody else? Recently it looks like every now and then people ask: “How can I get started as freelancer and get clients?”, “How can I get better at x?” “How can …” — you name it. There is a simple answer: just value the work you do. Avoid to just execute […]

About Work

Don’t care that much about your job title, do what you like and enjoy getting paid for it. Nobody hires you for the last job title you had: they hire you because of your track record, the things you did. Learn as much as you can, everyday. Try to get T-shaped which means being good […]