Lots Of New Things

Looks like I finally have a website. After more than a year without anything else than Twitter, Medium, Dribbble and Instagram I decided to make myself a site again where I can show some stuff which is in the making and upcoming. Newsletter ahoi Yeah I know, right now everybody has it’s own newsletter-thing going […]

Value your work.

Because if you don’t, why should anybody else? Recently it looks like every now and then people ask: “How can I get started as freelancer and get clients?”, “How can I get better at x?” “How can …” — you name it. There is a simple answer: just value the work you do. Avoid to just execute […]

About Work

Don’t care that much about your job title, do what you like and enjoy getting paid for it. Nobody hires you for the last job title you had: they hire you because of your track record, the things you did. Learn as much as you can, everyday. Try to get T-shaped which means being good […]