In the past few years of running my own business I had the chance to work with several teams and companies throughout all different stages and since I love building things from the ground up this is where I also see a strength of mine: shipping, iterating and keeping high quality at the same time.

As a product designer I'm a generalist working on a broad range of problems, projects and products. Similar to software engineering where I try to keep an agnostic mindset for methods, patterns, frameworks and programming languages.


I am open to considering positions as a Product Designer at the moment.
Or if you want to work on exciting projects together reach out via DM on Twitter or via Email.

Work Experience

2017 - now

Founder at Bardo

Remote Building and designing everything. Bardo is a tool to remove Blockers.
Make your team's work visible. Ship Faster.
2019 - now

Self Employed Product Designer

Remote Design and consoulting for early-stage and fast-growth companies.
2021 - now


Remote Mentoring Product (UX, UI) Designers on topics like Design, Product Design, starting their freelance career, and how to run their independent design business.

Product Designer at Smarter Ecommerce

Austria Led the design of three products, initiated and maintained a design system, brand design and unification of corporate design(assets)
2009 - now

Designer / Product Designer / Art Director & Software Engineer

Remote Design and consulting for early-stage and fast-growth companies. Designed almost everything along the way. Helped coding websites and MVPs (frontend and backend).